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We provide full timeline consulting for companies from any industry that want to come to the North American market. We understand business owners have different needs at different stages of their company growth, and we will be there for you.

The special services we offer include a thorough review of a current business plan, introductions to potential customers and suppliers, help with registering a new company or a Canadian branch, obtaining special industry licenses, and recommending training programs. Whatever you need, we can help.

 Consulting with Cti Global Consulting

Our seasoned professionals will hold your hand as you navigate the world of a new start-up founder and help you craft all the business documents so that you are prepared to enter the market.


 Cti Global Consulting mentorship

We assess the size of the market that you are addressing and how much it needs a new idea. We estimate the reactions of potential customers to your idea and how easy is it to make them consider the new approach.

Market research

 Cti Global Consulting market research

We will help you to develop investor-facing materials, such as a pitch book, business plan, executive summary, and business canvas.


 Cti Global Consulting marketing

A correct strategy is the basis of your start-up. We offer creative solutions that will help your venture scale and reach profitability.


 Cti Global Consulting Brand Strategy

We provide a financial model in a spreadsheet and summarize the financials in the deck, business plan, and business model canvas. Drafting the plan begins with financial modelling, forecasting, and projections. Growth potential and financial viability are critical evaluation factors for investors and lenders


 Cti Global Consulting Financial Services


We are in a position to service a wide range of business client needs, such as:

  • Establishment of corporations, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, ULCs 

  • Corporate documentation for reorganizations and restructurings

  • Registered and Records office; annual corporate filings (BC, Alberta, Ontario)

  • Extra-provincial registrations

  • Corporate legal opinions

  • Restorations, continuations, amalgamations, windings-up, and dissolutions

  • Commercial agreements

  • Transfer pricing documentation

  • Contract review and interpretations

  • Real estate transfers (BC)

  • Due diligence (limited)

 Cti Global Consulting accounting

In today’s dynamic business and regulatory environment, financial reporting is constantly evolving. We will help you build solid reporting practices and methodologies.


 Cti Global Consulting Taxes

Our tax expertise covers all aspects of Canadian tax law, including domestic and international income tax, customs, GST/HST, and provincial sales taxes.


 Cti Global Consulting Materials

We create comprehensive business plans and prepare visual pitch decks, which are backed by reliable information obtained from research and tested against different scenarios.


 Cti Global Consulting introductions

We help you build valuable relationships with potential customers, corporates, governments, and fellow start-ups.


 Cti Global Consulting Networking

We connect you with professionals, like-minded VCs, funds, and investors from around the world so that you benefit from expert advice on all aspects of the business.


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