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BVC prepares entrepreneurs for the funding process and helps start-ups secure VC capital funding.  All services

Starting a new company, bringing a new product to market, or expanding business requires investment capital. We know the pitfalls, we know many key players, and we know how to successfully market business plans to potential investors.

We have an extensive network of contacts within the VC Funds and Angel Investor groups; we advocate on behalf of our clients. Additionally, we provide strategic services that alleviate the stress of marketing to potential investors and reduce the time it takes to secure funding.

CTI Global Consulting Investments

We also prepare you for meetings with interested investors. Finally, we regularly assist clients through the negotiating process with interested Angel Investors and venture capital funds, ensuring that you secure the best possible financing.


​In addition to adequate capital, bringing a start-up to life takes time and great people. We help entrepreneurs minimize the time it takes to secure investment capital. Additionally, we help many clients secure investments from venture capitalists that bring specialized human capital and customized market entry frameworks to the table. Furthermore, we also help our clientele identify and recruit talent to their start-ups.

The scope of our capabilities includes:​

  • Feasibility studies

  • Business plan writing

  • Financial forecast models

  • Market research and analysis

  • Competitive research and analysis

  • Investor pitch decks

  • Business plan marketing

  • VC networking/introductions

  • ​Deal structuring

  • ​Talent acquisition



Many companies seeking expansion-stage funding have short operating histories and/or limited human capital resources. We're adept at helping companies like these develop innovative capital acquisition strategies that avoid unnecessary risks. We explore all forms of acquisition capital for our clientele (loans, debt, and equity funding) and help them identify investment and debt structuring models that protect their profit margins and minimize equity dilution. We also help many clients structure their debt and/or negotiate equity investment terms. In the end, we help our clients identify suitable funding alternatives that grow their product lines and/or improve their capabilities. With the right strategic capital partnerships, our clients can simultaneously grow revenues and improve their profitability.



  • Fundability Check: You can get the basic analysis of your start-up’s fundability, whether it could be funded, whether it is the right time to raise funds, and whether the amount you are looking to raise is suitable.

  • Clarifications to Pitch-Deck Doubts: You can clarify your doubts about the pitch deck and find out which slides to include and which to exclude.

  • Expert Opinion: Get the expert opinion of our CEO. You can ask any question related to venture capital.

  • VC Search and Approach: You can learn how to search for VCs yourself and then approach them to raise funds for your start-up.

  • Save Time: You can save a lot of time by learning from the expert directly.

CTI Global Consulting Investments Meeting
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