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Canada’s universal healthcare system is widely recognized as one of the most efficient and safe. Healthcare sales in Canada account for a 2.1% share of the global market, making Canada the 9th largest world market.


Lab Experiments

Chemistry and the chemical industry have played an important role in Canada’s history and economy. For example, the oil sector is one of the major drivers of the Canadian economy. The chemical sector is changing with the expansion to new areas, development of new products, and technological advancements.



The IT industry has been booming in Canada and has outperformed the rest of the Canadian economy. Given the accelerating adoption of many technology solutions and private and public investments in digital infrastructure, the sector is well-positioned to grow further.


Construction Worker

This sector comprises companies engaged in transporting and warehousing of goods as well as providing logistics services. It includes the 4 major transportation modes, which are trucking, rail, air and marine, as well as postal service, couriers, and warehousing and storage facilities.


Engineering Sketch

Engineering is a broad sector with lots of job opportunities in Canada. Civil, geotechnical,
structural, electrical, and mechanical engineering jobs are in high demand in Canada.


Hiking in Nature

The social environment represents the external conditions under which people engage in social activity within their community. Canada is well-known for ensuring one of the highest levels of social security, justice, education, and the environment.

Industrial Printing
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