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Partnership and Business Immigration to Canada: Business Vision Centre and Markus Education Int.

Education, Funding, and Business Immigration to Canada: Unique Opportunities from Business Vision Centre and Markus Education Int.

Партнёрство для образования в Канаде

In today’s world, running a successful business requires continuous learning and adapting to new conditions. Business Vision Centre (BVC) & Markus Education Int.  are excited to announce a new partnership offering unique opportunities for business immigration to Canada through the Start-up Visa program, along with education for your children.

Business Immigration to Canada

With the Start-up Visa program, you can move to Canada, grow your business, and secure necessary investments. Business Vision Centre provides full support throughout the process, including help with documentation, immigration consulting, and access to investors.

Investment Opportunities

BVC helps startups obtain funding by providing access to investment funds, grants, and financial consulting. With support from Markus Education Int., you can also ensure your children’s education while you develop your new business in Canada.

Educational Programs

While the main focus is on business immigration, the partnership also offers educational programs to develop the skills and knowledge of all family members. Professionals will help select programs that suit your family’s needs and financial capabilities.

Additional Benefits for Your Children

In addition to business opportunities from BVC, we offer professional selection of educational programs for children, ensuring comprehensive development for your family in a new country.

Contact Information

For more information about the partnership programs and business immigration opportunities in Canada, visit our website: Business Vision Centre.


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