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Spain’s Golden Visa Exit: Entrepreneurs' Quest for Canada's Startup Haven

Spain has decided to terminate its 'golden visa' program, which previously allowed foreign real estate investors to obtain residency rights. An alternative solution is a Startup Visa Canada.

Startup visa business immigration

This change comes as part of a broader move to address concerns about investment-driven inflation and the laundering of illicit funds through property purchases. The program's end aligns with similar adjustments in neighboring Portugal and reflects a growing European consensus on immigration reform as suggested by the European Commission.

Amidst these shifts, entrepreneurs worldwide are seeking new avenues for business immigration. With traditional investment routes reaching a bottleneck, innovative solutions like the startup visa are gaining traction, especially in countries like Canada, known for its welcoming stance on entrepreneurs.

Business Vision Center stands ready to assist those looking to explore these new horizons and can provide expert guidance on Canada's Startup Visa, positioning itself as a facilitator for business-minded individuals aiming to enter the Canadian market.

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